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What is Your Third Life?

We feel most people have three lives.

Our first life (youth to sometime in our 20’s) is full of wonder, curiosity and zest for exploring, but not yet wisdom.

Our second life (our professional years) focuses on career and family. We spend most of our time and energy addressing our obligations, making and saving money, and perhaps, along the way, we come to understand ourselves better. In the process, we gain wisdom but have very little time to wonder and wander.

When we reach our third life (empty-nest, retirement, financial independence), we may have discovered that money, possessions, and career success only give us fleeting happiness. We begin to value experiences rather than things; we seek meaningful relationships with others rather than mere connections to build an advantageous network.


Our third life is thus about combining the wonder of first life and the wisdom of second life to find richer personal meaning while wandering the world.

If first life taught us “what?,” and second life showed us “how?,” then third life is the time to seek out “why?”.

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