Año nuevo

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s. I’m a positive, looking-forward-to-next-year person, but always felt like the festive mood was a little forced. More than a few friends have told me they go out to NYE parties more because they felt they should rather than they wanted to. I think the worst party … Read moreAño nuevo

Media, Marketing & Me series

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– If you are a former student whom I made laugh (at my attempts to be cool), cry (when I gave back your papers with more red on it than the field after Waterloo), or think (that there should be more screening before someone is allowed to teach), please order one.

– If you are a former colleague for whom I saved you time when you asked me for evidence to back up my opinion and I suddenly remembered a “meeting” I had to go to, please order one.

– If you are a former schoolmate or friend and I was your wingman at a social gathering, compelling the person you were hitting on to look at me and think about you “What the heck? There’s clearly a lot worse out there,” please order a book.

– If you ever read one of my newspaper columns and thought “This reminds me, I need to reline the birdcage,” please order one.

– If you were that one creepy guy who looked at my wife and then assured me that you, too, had “yellow fever,” I apologize for telling you her Thai name was “Fuk-Yu,” and…, nah, I still don’t care what you do for the rest of your life.

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Puente (Bridge day)

Today, Friday, November 2, is called a puente or “bridge day” in Spain. Basically, if you have a holiday (like All Saints Day) fall on a Thursday, many people take the Friday off, bridging into the weekend (the same goes for taking Monday off if a holiday falls on a Tuesday).

Yeah, I know, Americans produce more, make more money, have bigger houses, cars, etc.

And Spain is predicted to pass Japan as having the longest average life span by 2040.

TGIF, America. We’ll say Gracias a dios por los puentes.