In every locality, there is some artist or visionary that one must never, ever, question their talent or suggest that someone did it better.

In Mississippi, it’s Elvis (even more than Faulkner).
In Dallas, it’s Stevie Ray Vaughn.

IN Granada, it’s a man whose name must be uttered in almost a hushed undertone of respect, as if one is not worthy to invoke him.


A Tale of Two Kitties, part 1: Cats love chasing paper; humans, not so much.

We are self-admitted cat-crazed people. When our sons were young, we made a family plan in case of fire. We laid out exit routes with the plan to rally at the mailbox to make sure everyone was safe. Our boys asked about the cats, to which we assured them Jiab and I would make sure … Read moreA Tale of Two Kitties, part 1: Cats love chasing paper; humans, not so much.

Of consulates, visas, and bureaucracy (a first encounter)

Spanish Consulate Houston

  Palmer, Ennis, Alma, Rice. “Huh,” I think, “Their first letters spell PEAR.” Such are the kind of inane musings one has looking at the names of small Texas towns between Dallas and Houston…at 5:00 am…for the third time in 2 days (and with one more trip back to go). Jiab and I are tired, … Read moreOf consulates, visas, and bureaucracy (a first encounter)

Stop Treating Teachers Like Saints

As published in Commentary section in Dallas Morning News – May 20, 2016. Published Article Link There is a billboard off Central Expressway that drives me crazy. It says, Want to Teach? When can you start? To understand why this is bothersome, consider if it said, Want to perform Surgery? When can you start? or Want to design buildings? When can … Read moreStop Treating Teachers Like Saints

List of published articles

List of published articles

Jim has published articles throughout his career. He also will have three textbook series coming out in Fall 2019 on Media Literacy. Below are samples of his published articles.

  • “In Defense of Pun.” (commentary section), Dallas Morning News, June 9, 2018. Link: In Defense of Pun
  • “Stop Treating Teachers Like Saints.” (commentary section), Dallas Morning News, May 20, 2016. Link: Stop Treating Teachers Like Saints
  • “Summa: A stroy that’s the sum of its parts.”Kindle Book, 2016. Link: Summa: A story that’s the sum of its parts
  • With Loveland, Dave. “How augmented reality affects classroom. Eschoolnews. Aug 1, 2016. Link: How augmented reality affects classroom
  • With Loveland, Dave. “Are we where yet? (Technology use in the classroom for geography lessons).” Education Today, Term 3 (July, 2013), Print. Link:Are We There Yet?
  • “Summa.” (a story of cultural diversity), Calliope (Writer’s Special Interest Group journal of American Mensa), Summer, 2012. Print.
  • “Making Dew.” (a educational children’s story), Anansesem, Sept. 2010. Link: Making Dew