Hola de nuevo

Hello again.

 I know we have been away from the blog a bit, and to our millions of loyal fans in all continents and ships at sea (it would be presumptuous, of course, to assume we had readership beyond that), we apologize.

We didn’t mean to be ghosting, as they say.

Write about now

For much of that time, I was involved in finishing up and getting out my latest book. I won’t use the space here to do a cheap plug, other than this:

Enough Stuff

I did discover one thing along the way. Taking the self-publishing route (as opposed to my previous books using a formal publisher) requires that I be writer, editor, type-setter, and above all, self-promoter all in one. It’s more rewarding, and I’m sure I will be writing about it later (or I’m happy to answer any questions potential self-publishers have), but having so many jobs and yet working for myself, I almost formed a union and went on strike against my demanding boss!

Meanwhile, Jiab has been hard at it with her own writings in the financial field (I always say that, as someone who writes about economics and media, I can wax on about the theory of money, but it’s Jiab’s money savvy that allows us to buy food). You can read her pieces all over the internet, although her latest is a nice MarketWatch piece on four things every retiree should know. 

Tiring in retiring

The other reason we took a short break is because we needed one. Old habits die hard, and the freedom from routine work that retirement brought us was beginning to be filled with… more work routine. We’ll be writing about this next week, but the drive to work hard and do our best that helped us (with a lot of luck) to get to early retirement also kept pushing us to get another piece out for the blog, and then another, and then another. We edited, we read up on things, we were… working! 

Not that one shouldn’t have something to do (and in fact, one NEEDS purpose, IMO), but one also has to guard against “want to’s” becoming “have to’s”. Coming to see that our weekly scheduling was being built around things that were voluntary, yet we thought of as “must do,” we realized we needed to take a step back. When you retire and still keep working on your own projects, it is hard to draw a line between work and play. We needed days off from our days off! 

So, we traveled a bit (more on that later), have taken on some art history (more on that), and joined a twice-a-week tennis clinic, where we have learned the difference between a bad (mal) shot and a winner but mean (mala) one. Heck, we even chilled more and got into Spanish TV (We highly recommend both El Ministerio del Tiempo and Elite).

The less we speak, the more people listen

Ironically, while we were gone, our subscribers and blog ranking went up!!!! I wanted to take this personally, but Jiab thinks the articles and such on other sites has led people to our humble rincón of the internet, so I’ll go with that. Honestly, we could have re-run old blog posts from one year ago, as some do (hint: if you see a blog post uploaded recently, but the comments go back years, it’s a repost), but we kind of feel that’s just doing to keep it going. We want our writings to be in real time, and when we have something new to add, we’ll do so.

So, hello again, world. We’ll be back to posting next week, and unlike kids who go off to camp, we promise to actually write.

Hasta pronto.

PS A word from our accounting department (aka, Jiab) 

You may also notice that we have been an Amazon affiliate for a while. We don’t plan to make a lot of money off the blog, but we hope one day to break even. There are two costs to running the blog – web hosting and owning a domain name. This year, the cost to renew and maintain our blog tripled after a first-year teaser rate!  We are now into our second year of our blog, but we are still in the red. So, if you can help us to cover the cost of maintaining our blog by ordering from Amazon using the link from our site (AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU), we would greatly appreciate it. 

PPS Say hello to our newest family member whom we picked up in the interim (more on Spanish pet adoption later). She is a four-year old rescue cat. Her name is Misha, which is Arabic for “beauty.”

4 thoughts on “Hola de nuevo”

  1. Thanks so much for the feedback! Love the blog and the photos and we hope to emulate you guys a few years down the road. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. Jim and Jiab, I have enjoyed reading your blog. We traveled to Alicante, Valencia, and Barcelona over the summer and we plan to retire in Spain in the next 3-4 years. I was wondering if you have done a blog post on your finances. I was curious how you handle your taxes, banking, and investments while living in Spain. Also do you keep a home address in Texas as well. We live in Oklahoma currently. Thanks Glenn.

    • Glenn,
      We have not done a blog post on taxes, banking and investments. It is one of our future topics. We don’t have to file a Spanish tax return until year 2020. We maintain our banking and investments in the US and also open a bank account in Spain. We will write more on this topic. So, keep on reading and checking our blog!


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