When everyone is a newbie

People are dealing with lockdown differently. Some binge on Netflix while some seize the opportunity to pursue goals that were put off or even long-forgotten but rediscovered. Some start a new hobby or take an online course. There is no right or wrong way to use this time.

A good lockdown

One year ago, Jiab and I were hiking El Camino de Santiago, the famed pilgrims’ way Ironically, I realize that the same thing that buoyed us on the long trek is what helps us endure the confinement of today, the mutual support of others in the same situation.

The Highest Good

When there is a concerted chorus of medical expertise saying we should stay home and keep safe distances, why are so many Americans still ignoring or even openly defying this advice? Many address this as a moral/ethical issue. I tend to look at things from a behavioral economics point of view.

Longing to belong

By moving to Spain, one surrenders a sense of belonging while working that many take for granted, like background noise. Strangely, being in a lock down in Spain has revealed the many connections we had forged in just a year’s time.

Estamos animados aquí en Granada – We are in Good spirits in Granada.

Our new post for 2020 starts with our lock down in Spain and how the community in Spain support each other through this tough time. This is an historic time and we all are on the front line watching events unfold and unravel. Read how we remain calm among chaos around us with Jim’s sense of humor.

The most important message we want to convey is this –> Staying home is the most logical and responsible thing ALL of us can do right now.