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Jim’s published articles

Jim’s published articles

Jim has published articles throughout his career. He also has three textbook series with the first book is now available at Amazon on Media Literacy. You can order it through Amazon link to the right of this page. Below are some of his published articles.

Media, Marketing & Me series

Click on the Amazon link to the right to see detail and order : Middle Schoolers, Meet Media Literacy How Teachers Can Bring Economics, Media, and Marketing to Life 

My book is ready for order direct from Amazon, so PLEASE, everyone who said “sure, I’ll buy a copy,” I’m asking you to do so.

– If you are a former student whom I made laugh (at my attempts to be cool), cry (when I gave back your papers with more red on it than the field after Waterloo), or think (that there should be more screening before someone is allowed to teach), please order one.

– If you are a former colleague for whom I saved you time when you asked me for evidence to back up my opinion and I suddenly remembered a “meeting” I had to go to, please order one.

– If you are a former schoolmate or friend and I was your wingman at a social gathering, compelling the person you were hitting on to look at me and think about you “What the heck? There’s clearly a lot worse out there,” please order a book.

– If you ever read one of my newspaper columns and thought “This reminds me, I need to reline the birdcage,” please order one.

– If you were that one creepy guy who looked at my wife and then assured me that you, too, had “yellow fever,” I apologize for telling you her Thai name was “Fuk-Yu,” and…, nah, I still don’t care what you do for the rest of your life.

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